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February Newsletter

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Session Notes

Financial For December 2017

Offerings        $2911.35       

Expenses        $2445.36

Next Session Meeting:  Thursday, February 15, 2018.  Elder on the door in February– Mary Montemayor

    February Birthdays

2/05    Caitlyn Marie Galicia     

2/10    Marisa Gonzalez

Circle will meet Tuesday evening, February13th, at 6:30 p.m. at the church.  Leader for the sixth lesson of Horizon’s study, “Cloud of Witnesses, The community of Christ in Hebrews” is Mary Bunt, Jean Lauder is hostess for the gathering.  


February 4, 2018

Holy Communion will be administered during worship and taken to shut-ins afterward.

Souper Bowl of Caring receiving donations which will directly benefit Mercedes Basketsfull.


Annual Meetings Reports

The annual congregational meeting held Jan. 7, 2018 following worship presented the 2018 budget adopted by the session at its December meeting and the church corporation board of trustees (active ruling elders including:  Rachel Bunton, Wally Bunton Ofelia Martinez, Mary Montemayor, Pepe Martinez, and Andy Rodgers ) was acknowledged. The meeting of the Board of Trustees was held December 14, 2017. Betty Carter and Mary Bunton were elected Clerk of Session and Treasurer respectively.  Elder Wally Bunton was elected President.  The three will serve as the 2018 Church Corporation President, Secretary and Treasurer.



      It is great to have Tomas & Mary Garcia, Will and Harriet Carter, Jerry and Judy Boutelle , Mike and Vicky Bealer worshipping with us.





109th Church Birthday

Our “Sometimes Annual” Church Birthday and Talent Show held January 28 after worship was the kick-off fellowship event of 2017.  Everyone enjoyed a “No Fuss, No Muss” meal of delicious finger food followed by singing “Happy Birthday”, and eating birthday cupcakes. The talent show line-up, emceed by Rachel Bunton opened with everyone singing that favorite old hymn “Send the Light”, but not before Wally Bunton read the humorous poem, “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow” removing his hat to reveal the top of his head as he read the closing line.  Ofelia Martinez played host to a popular game show, “Bible Trivia”.  The panel included Lizzie & Soli Carreon, Pepito, Joaquin & Rosie Martinez.  Volunteers from the audience, Pepe Martinez and Mary Bunton bragged that they could beat the kids.  To show how wrong they were here is an example:  Question, “What are the first three words in the Bible?”  The kids answered correctly, “In the beginning,” while both adults answered “Once upon a time”.  Well, duh . . . that’s 4 words!  Jerry Boutelle sang a beautiful solo, “Does Jesus Care?”  and Mary told jokes about Ofelia.  Rachel and Betty Carter rendered an impromptu duet, “It is Well with My Soul” then the show ended with everyone singing “I’ll Fly Away.”


February 18 Fellowship Event

Our Fellowship Meal for February will be a “post Valentine’s Day” potluck meal.