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Session Notes

 Financial For September 2017

Offerings                       $2675.83                      

Expenses                       $2216.84


Next Session Meeting:  Thursday, November 9, 2017Elder on the door in November:                  Pepe Martinez.                                               

             November Birthdays

11/06    Mary Bunton

11/06    Adalyn Morales

1106    Rosie Martinez

11/11    Magda Martinez

11/17    Danny Gonzalez

11/18    Derek Morales

11/20    Melenie Martinez

11/23    Monica Palomo

11/23    Ofelia Martinez

11/27    Victoria Jones

11/30    Josie Martinez           



Presbyterian Women

On Tuesday evening, November14thth, 6:30 p.m. our circle will gather for its third meeting of the year here at the church.  Leader for the 3rd lesson of the Horizon’s study, “Cloud of Witnesses, the Community of Christ in Hebrews”,  is Pastor Esther.  Jackie Heyes is hostess for the gathering.  All women are encouraged to come.



Election of Elders

A congregational meeting to elect two elders to the Class of 2019 will be held Sunday, November 12, 2016, following worship.  The nominating committee elected October 15th by the congregation consists of Brian, Josie Martinez and Ned Swarner.  They will be looking for two willing candidate to fill the slate they will submit at the congregational meeting to elect elders.  If you are approached, please prayerfully consider their request.





Our first “Pot Luck” Fellowship Meal October 15th was such an enjoyable occasion.  On November 19th we will again share food, fun and fellowship following worship with a “Prelude to Thanksgiving Pot Luck” Fellowship meal.


Distribution of Thanksgiving Day Meal Baskets will take place Saturday, November 18th.  The session is asking all members to join them in filling the baskets for six (6) families by signing up to provide either specific items or money to purchase turkeys.  A sign-up sheet will be located in the Fellowship Hall.  Questions?  Call on a session member.



FYI – be in the  KNOW!!

A meeting of the Children’s Christmas Program Planning Committee will meet in the Fellowship Hall following worship Nov. 5th.  Anyone who would like to participate in some way will be greatly appreciated.


Flyers for “Winter Texans” have been carefully prepared and include information about this church’s location, services, activities and “family” atmosphere.  These flyers will be placed into welcoming bags being prepared by Mercedes Chamber of Commerce to be given out at the “Winter Texan” reception on Dec. 6th.  Wally Bunton will place an ad in the “Winter Texan Times”  which lists items of interest for and about winter residents.


Looking Ahead

November 27, 2016 will be the first Sunday of Advent.