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Financial For September 2018

Offerings                      $1946.35                      

Expenses                       $2621.58

(Memorial donations received = $6926.00

Next Session Meeting:  Thursday, November 9, 2018.  Elder on the door in November:  Mary Montemayor

               November Birthdays    

11/06    Mary Bunton         

11/06    Adalyn Morales

1106    Rosie Martinez

11/11    Magda Martinez

11/17    Danny Gonzalez

11/18    Derek Morales

11/20    Melenie Martinez

11/23    Monica Palomo

11/23    Ofelia Martinez

11/27    Victoria Jones

11/30    Josie Martinez

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On Tuesday evening, November13thth, 6:30 p.m. our circle will gather for its third meeting of the year.  Leader for the 3rd lesson of the Horizon’s study, “God’s Promise, I Am With You”, is Mary Montemayor.  Josie Martinez is hostess for the gathering.  All women are encouraged to come.


Nominating Committee

A congregational meeting to elect a nominating committee to nominate two elders for the class of 2021 will be held following worship on November 4, 2018.  Andy Rodgers and Pepe Martinez will be rotating off the session.



On November 11th we will share food, fun and fellowship following worship with a “Prelude to Thanksgiving Pot Luck” Fellowship meal.


Daylight Savings Time ends Sun. Dec. 4           


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We will once again be collecting for some families in need this month with a Thanksgiving meal.  Magda Martinez will help with locating the families from her school counselor.  We will be providing a turkey, green beans, stuffing, potatoes and rolls. We will have a sign-up sheet in the fellowship hall.  Let us help those who are struggling.

Ned Swarner entered the church triumphant on Oct. 4 after a short illness.  He was 97 years old – our oldest member.  He leaves behind Betty Jo Swarner, his wife of 68 years, and daughter, Susan Langston, her husband, Denny and their daughters, Kelsey and Courtney, as well as a son, Ned Swarner, Jr.  Keep the family in your prayers.  We will all miss Ned, his vegetables and his presence.
Congratulations to Morgan and Nancy Butler who were married Oct. 20 in a chapel at Capilla Del Rio in Rio Grande City.  Morgan is the son of Pat Butler and the grandson of Carol Harville.

Lectionary Readings for November
11/4    Ruth 1:1-18, Psalm 146, Mark 12:  28-34
11/11  Ruth 3:1-5, 4:13-17, Psalm 127, Mark 12:38-44
11/18  1 Sam. 1:4-20, 1 Sam. 2:1-10, Mark 13: 1-8
11/25   2 Sam. 23:1-7, Psalm 132:1-12, John 18:33-37