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                               Session Notes

Financial For May 2017

Offerings                       $3015.43                      

Expenses                       $2500.22

Next Session Meeting:  Thursday, July 18, 2017     Elder on the door in July – Wally Bunton                           

             July Birthdays                

7/1        Pepe Martinez

7/6        Serena Reyes

7/9        Maria Engel

7/14      Jacob Gonzalez

7/15      Wally Bunton

7/19      Michael Gonzalez

7/22      Pat Palomo

7/25      Caralynn Galicia



Monday School

For five weeks beginning July 10th we will look into the New Testament as we study how Jesus called “Twelve Ordinary Men” as his apostles.   We will begin at 6:00 p.m. with a light supper, then a bit of singing and divide into classes for Bible Study and crafts for the kids plus related games and activities.  Jackie Heyes’ artistry, a quilted wall hanging depicting the theme will be displayed on opening night.  Anyone who would like to help with preparations in any way is certainly welcome.  Don’t forget the dates, July 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st, and August 7th.  Invite someone to come with you!


Summer Bible Story Time


Pastor Esther will lead three study sessions July 13th, 26th and August 3rd using some of the many Bible stories intended for the faith formation of all and kids during their formative years in particular.  Age-appropriate Bibles will be presented to the kids for back to school.  Support this much-needed youth focused ministry with your prayers or in any way you are otherwise led.  After all, they are the future of the church.




Father’s Day & Summer Fellowship


The Father’s Day special breakfast honoring the fathers in our midst was well received by all in attendance.  Lovingly prepared by the women, a breakfast smorgasbord was served to the Dads.  Then everyone else served themselves to eat and fellowship together.  This was a truly blessed event.  Monday School suppers will serve as fellowship events for July.



Many of our church family have been seen this summer participating in the work at Basketsfull including Magda Trevino, Mary Bunton, Mary Montemayor, Pastor Esther, Maritza Carreon, and Ofelia Martinez.  Also youth who are out of school have been giving of their time:  Karina Martinez, Andrew and Matthew Bunton and Spencer MacKenzie.  Every Tuesday current clients and new applicants have been registered so that Basketsfull can update individual files to remain compliant with the program. 

Help Wanted

Volunteers are needed to sign up to help in the nursery during services.  Children who go to school worship with us and have bulletins with activities related to the scripture reading for each Sunday.  However, those who are not yet in school need a play time and their parents need to be able to spend time in worship.   If you would be able to miss an occasional sermon as you play with kids and show this church’s love and concern for them, please sign up on the list in the Fellowship Hall.  It is only about 45 minutes, and there are lots of things for the kids to do.