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Kick Starting a New Year

Happy New Year!!!  

I want to thank all of you who participated in the angel gift program at Kennedy Elementary School.  There were some very happy children and it was a good thing to do.  They sent sweet bread and a note thanking us for helping with the program this year.

Thank you to Mary, Josie, and Magda who helped with the play on Christmas Eve, with costumes and stars, and providing children.   It was rather sweet, and thank you to those who went caroling, it still means a lot to those who are homebound.  Thank you to Andy for fixing things and tending to the yard, to Mary and Wally for checking in on people and things,  to those who have helped with Basketsful, even in snow.  Thank you to those who have picked up people, who have shared food, monies, and prayed for others.  Thank you all for sharing your hearts and souls in being part of this church and this community.

I want to encourage you for 2018 to think of new and different ways that you can really make a difference for God, for yourselves and for your church and community.

In an encouraging video (thanks Brian) Darren Hardy talks of getting ready for a new year like kids are getting ready for school.  There is shopping for school supplies, new pencils, pens and notebooks.  There are new clothes, and there is nervousness mixed with excitement.  There is a plan, what if we did that for our new year?  No, we donít need new school supplies or new clothes, but what if we made plans for how we will make a difference?  What if we wrote it down, in January I will read the first 50 Psalms, in February, I will look at eating heart healthy (notice I didnít start that in January :).  What if we thought of adding a habit for Lent, way before Lent comes?

What if we said we would call one homebound person each week, what if we sent cards to those on our prayer list?  What are some things that you can do, to spread the love of God?  What is a way that you can nurture your soul?  Maybe a new task or something as simply sitting quiet with your thoughts in prayer?  What if for one day a week we didnít not say anything negative?  The part of succeeding, is having a plan, and being excited about it, and writing it down.  The words on paper cannot slip away.

We are indeed better together when we plan, and pray and help others.  May we be the best versions of ourselves that Christ has called us to be in 2018.

In Christ,