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Mercedes, TX† 78570

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Pastor:† Esther Hughes, CLP


†Ordinary Time

We have come to the time when Easter is officially over, and we have remembered the significance of the giving of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, and the power of the mighty three in the Trinity.† We now go to what is called ordinary time.

This year, with the wake of what is going on in our world, it feels anything but ordinary.† We have once again had a school shooting, with ten students killed, and two teachers, one with connections to the Rio Grande Valley.† It is more than heart breaking, it is overwhelming.† We think this happens elsewhere, instead of just six hours away.† We like to believe that we can be immune, but we cannot.† It would be nice if there were some easy answers, as gun control or arming with guns, blaming a lack of prayer, or the breakdown of the family.† It would be easy to blame drugs, or the lack thereof.† Something is seriously wrong.†† I absolutely believe in the power of prayer, but our prayers will not touch a stranger, who feels so alone and rejected and or bullied that he resorts to such extremes.† Our thoughts too are to remain hopeful in the Almighty God who is the creator and giver of life and in his son Jesus who assures us that he is with us always.† But we are to do better because we know better.

We know of the love and healing of God almighty and we are to share that power every day of our lives.† We are to reach out with a word, a kindness, a smile.† We have a great many people in the world, who are hurting, who are lonely, and afraid.

WE are the only hands and feet of Christ in the world, we are the ones who have been touched by Godís grace and forgiveness and love, and we are the ones who are to share those† gifts given to us.

As we readied our music system for the Fellowship hall, we kept getting static from the receiver to the speakers. There were loud pops, and then nothing.† The cords no longer work; we are looking for more secure connectors.† It seems like there is much static in the world, and maybe we are to be the cord that needs to be connected to the power source GOD that gives the sound of his love into the world.† The connector has to be secure, so the power can make the speaker work, with a smooth sound.

How often are our words of judgment, criticism, cynicism, and just plain ugly?† Do they reflect who our power source is?† Do they convey the words of Christ?† Do they divide or bring together?† These are questions to ask ourselves, these are questions to answer as we read and study during this regular ordinary time.† What did Jesus tell his followers to do, how to speak and act on his behalf?† May we open our hearts and minds to how we can be the voice from our Power source; to give the clear sound that God loves and cares for us all.† Stay cool and drink water, and welcome to summer.† In Christ, Esther