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Pastor:† Esther Hughes, CLP




There have been too many deaths this month to my liking, and my eyes are tired from crying.† Most have been very sudden and unexpected, as if we ever have any control over the matter.† You can learn a lot about a person in their death, about how they lived and we can continue to learn from them in their death.†† We can hear of things that we didnít know that they had done.† We can learn of lives unfulfilled, of waiting to get around to doing something and we can learn of lives lived fully, and lived well.† For most of us we live somewhere in the middle.

It reminds us that the things we do touch other peopleís lives.

One sought to honor a† dedicated principal at her old† high school, one family welcomed a new priest into the community, and became like family; one was so influenced by her Science teacher that she discovered her own love of biology and went on to teach.† One was instrumental in the founding of a Nature Center; one honored a pact made long ago.† Sometimes though, love and kindness cannot undo some trauma.† All have served as a reminder that we are all children of God, and that we are to seek love even when it is difficult and hard.† Underneath the sadness of death, is the affirmation of life, and love.†† I have witnessed that love, the love of amother, a sister, a work partner, and a child, and of church members with prayers and tears.†

God sent Christ into the world to show us of Godís love; Jesus commissioned us to share that same love of God. We are to do so without regrets as Life is indeed short.

There are also the practical sides of dying as well, as we do not know our time, there are things that we can do to make it easier.

First, it is kind to make preparations, such as a will or wishes.† Have people on your accounts, have passwords someplace safe that others can get.† Think about clearing out some of your stuff.† A good question is, if you passed suddenly, would you want someone to have to rifle through your things?† Are your things organized, or do you put that off for another day?†† Are you holding on to stuff that you hope to get around to, if so do it now, start small.† Second, do your loved ones know about you and your life and what you love?† Do they know where you have spent your time and energy?

Share with them.† Third is love hard, let others know that you value them, even if they have been a thorn in your side, we do not get second chances.† Even if they push back keep trying, and stop the judgement.† God gives us all sorts of people in our lives for a reason; let us know that ultimately it is to learn and to love and to love hard as Jesus did.† Blessings to all of you, as we start another year of activities.

In Christ,