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Mercedes, TX† 78570

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Pastor:† Esther Hughes, CLP

June 2017

Pentecost and Us

We have come to the end of our Easter season, and read of how Jesus gave instructions for disciples.† From Acts 1:8, But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.† What if we read those words that you meaning us are to be his witnesses in Mercedes, in Weslaco, and Elsa, and Harlingen, and the uttermost parts of Texas?†† What does it mean to be a witness?† It can mean different things to different people.† The definition states to see hear or know by personal presence or understanding.† What do we see of God, in our lives, in the lives of others?† Is it important?† Is it important enough to share?

What do we hear of God, and his son Jesus?† Do we know the stories of Godís faithfulness in the people of the Old Testament?† What do we hear of Godís love through Jesus in the New Testament?† Reading our Bible helps us to see the continuing promises of God and his faithfulness to his people.† Do we hear words of praise, or complaints to God?

What has been our experience of God?† Does God work in the exact same way in your life as God does in mine?† Do we trust in God, and do we see his love and mercy and grace regularly?† Is God watching out for us?†

How we answer these questions can remind us that we too can be that witness that Jesus was telling his disciples to be.† He was not saying they could do this by themselves.† They would have the help of the Holy Spirit; the same Holy Spirit that came into a room and has people sharing in languages that they never spoke, that dreams and visions were possible, that young and old could share their stories of faith.†

How else will the message of Jesus and his love go out into the world, if it does not go out by us, Jesusís 2017 witnesses?†† What we have to remember is that Jesus trusted his twelve disciples to take his message out.† Jesus had just twelve disciples, the very same disciples which we will be studying in Monday School.† We will learn that they were all very different, and yet their love of God and the message of Jesus made them one.† They shared what they knew, and then those shared, and then those shared.† The Pentecost message is about us sharing the same message of Jesus Christ, of his love, or his mercy, of his forgiveness, and of his very different way of life. We are share with those who know of the stories and maybe have forgotten, and we are to share with those who have never heard.† Let us remember that we are Christís witnesses in a harsh, and weary world, where his love is still needed, and the Gospel message heard.

Enjoy the beginning of summer, drink water, and share Godís love,

In Christ, Esther