First Presbyterian Church

       601 South Texas     P.O. Box 24

Mercedes, TX  78570     

Pastor:  Esther Hughes, CLP


                                                                                     Thankful for the Imperfections

As we enter November, the year is coming to the holidays and yes, there is much commercializing of all.   But there can still be the joy of the season, which has gotten lost in our judging and complaining about how things are not how they used to be.   Whether we protest it or complain, the stores will keep doing what they do, which are sales. Maybe this year we can be thankful for the imperfections.   Maybe we can remember that the retail business works for our economy.  

When our politicians have seemed to go off the deep end, with the name calling and mudslinging maybe we can recognize that as imperfect as they are, we still have a democracy, where voices are heard, and many still want to do the right thing and help others. 

When we also have school districts where too much is spent on football, and  teachers who  are interested in serving themselves more than the students maybe we can be thankful that our districts do work to get as many as possible educated, and to discover a love of learning.

When we have our church, yes our imperfect connectional church where politics can play a role, as to who leads, and who loses positions, we can remember that yet again we are the body of Christ still at work in the world.  The church is the one who goes into places that have been ravaged by hurricanes, and fires, and we are the voices that are still to answer to the injustices of the world, to start dialogs, and hear when others are hurting.

From Exodus we are reminded that God keeps his promises, and is faithful.  Not that God has not been angered by his people, and maybe still gets angry, but God also changed his mind, and promises, “ I will be with you.”

So in this month when we are reminded that there is much to be grateful for, may we be thankful for the imperfections, for the things that are not the way we would like them or want them as they teach us that God still loves us, that we are loved always when things are wrong, and things are right and when they are in between.  May we be thankful even when our loved ones are not with us, when we have more aches than not, when life seems not to be fair, and we cannot see the bigger picture.  May we find humor and joy in that which does not look the same, or is the same.  May we be grateful for God’s promise, “ you are loved by me, and created in my image”, and yes God isn’t through with any of us.  May we be grateful for each and every breath we take, and may we know that we have much in our lives. 

Happy Thanksgiving.