First Presbyterian Church

       601 South Texas     P.O. Box 24

Mercedes, TX  78570     

Pastor:  Esther Hughes, CLP

July 2017

 Summer Happenings


It officially is summer as of last Thursday, and we have a number of learning and fun opportunities at First Church. First, there is Monday School, which starts on the 10th of July at 6:00PM.  It starts with a light supper, then songs, and lessons and crafts.  This year’s study will be on the calling of the twelve disciples. Mary Bunton and her team have been working on songs, and verses, and games, and it will be much fun.  We will get to know about each of the disciples, and how they each fit into the life of Jesus and his ministry. We will be meeting for five Mondays.  Come and join in the fun.

Second, we are having a few other days where the kids can come to church during the day called Summer Bible Story Time. This will be on July 13th, 27th and August 3, it will be in the mornings from 10-12, with some Old Testament Bible Stories, a craft and games, and then lunch.  It can be an outing for the kids who will eventually say, “I am bored”.  We will need some volunteers to help with lunch, and crafts, so come and talk with me.  It isn’t every day, but it is something for the kids to get out of the house and to hear the stories from the Bible.

Third, we read from Psalm 119:105 “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a

light unto my path”.  We have to have the word in order for it to direct our path.   The Session has agreed to present the WORD as in Bibles to our many children before they start school in August.  They will be reading and studying other books as they get ready to go back to school, why not the one which will help them in all their other studies, and in their lives?

It is our job as the church to make sure our children have access to God’s word, at home as well as church.  We will be looking at age appropriate Bibles, and if anyone wishes to donate for the purchase of these, let Mary know or put your donation into the offering plate.

We will also celebrate the birthday of our nation this month. I hope that each of you will take some time to recognize what a wonderful place we live.  There is much discord, and lack of trust, and just general belly aching. We have sometimes forgotten the basics of civility and hospitality.   Let us remember that we are all Americans.  Let us also remember the words of Jesus, from Matthew 10:42,  “and whoever gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones in the name of a disciple truly I tell you none of these will lose their reward”.  There are many who need a cup of water, there are many who need a kind word, let us remember who

we serve and remember that he has shared his grace, and mercy and love and many a cup of water. Happy July, hope to see you, and drink water, and stay cool.

Blessings, Esther